hello! the name ELOEIL is made up of letters from a danish expression "et lille oejeblik", a short moment, a glimpse of he eye. that was how ELOEIL started: to take small moments to appreciate beauty and to create in between a hectic life with three small toddler boys. creating and making is like meditation for me, a way to recharge.

the ceramic pieces i make are all unique, one of a kind. not one piece is exactly the same as i’m not using molds or forms.

the one-of-a-kind wall hangings are made with natural material: ceramic pieces, driftwood, quills, washed-ashore bones and shells as, well as metals or vintage beads.

some of my work is available through my shop, other through custom orders, and in select shops.

for more information about wholesale or custom orders please send me an email to: eloeil@eloeil.com

find me on instagram @eloeil